Leah is naughty in the library removing her top

Leah Dizon is being a totally naughty girl, she’s supposed to be studying in the library but instead she gets hot, horny and sexy and removes her top and uses only her bare hands to cover her perfect breats and she also hikes up her miniskirt so you can see just about every part of her sexy tight fit ass and beauitiful long sexy legs. Leah Dizon, you are an idol to many young asian girls (especially sexy Japanese girls) for being this sexy, yet still very classy, that is a rare thing to do!

Leah Dizon pregnant and married

Ok I’m sure we can all agree that Leah Dizon’s husband Bun is not the most handsome guy in the world, but he must be a very generous, nice and kind man, he’s said to resemble Johnny Depp, you can see him up above, judge for yourself 🙂

As for Leah, she is still super pretty, super cute, and looking quite FINE wearing her wedding dress even though Leah Dizon is pregnant! This is huge news to her fans across Japan and the world!